Normandy Association for the Air Remembrance 39/45
French WWII Aviation History and Aircraft Recovery
Aviation Safety Network
Excellent Page! Airliner Accidents Worldwide
NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board
Monthly Accident Synopses - 1962/Present
Federal Aviation Administration - Office of System Safety (FAA)
Aviation Accident Databases
Aviation Archaeology in the Southern Plains States
Airtanker Pilot Memorial Page
Commemorating Those Brave Pilots Who Lost Their Lives in the Line of Duty
Aircraft Wrecks in the American West
Aviation Archeology's Premiere Wreckchaser Pat Macha's Website
Helitanker Pilot Memorial Page
Commemorating Those Brave Pilots Who Lost Their Lives in the Line of Duty
Aviation Disasters
Major Airline Accidents from 1960 to Present
Aviation Accidents
Chronological Listing of Major Accidents from 1908 to Present
Don's Aviation Archaeology Page
True Tales of Aviation Archaeology
Civil Air Patrol
Listing of All CAP Website Throughout the US
Arizona Aviation Archaeology
Nice site with a few crash site photos
North East England Air Crash Research
Aircraft Crash Sites In North East England And The Scottish Borders
AAIR - Aviation Archeological Investigation and Research
Photos and practical advise on how to get started in aviation archeology.
Air & Space Smithsonian
Lots of Aviation Related Articles
Ju-88 and He-111 wrecks found on the Kola peninsula, northwest Russia.
Great site! Lots of photos of German planes, dataplates and engines.
Seventy-five years ago it took 400 searchers two days to find a Martin No. 5 bomber
USAF A-10 Recovery Operations
An A-10 piloted by Capt. Craig Button mysteriously crashes into Gold Dust Peak in Colorado.
Aviation Archeology
Australiasia and the South Pacific
Where airplanes fly there are wrecks. My job was to pick up the pieces.
Interesting site about WWII mobile aircraft repair operations in Africa
NOVA Online, B-29 "Keebird" Frozen in Time.
Excellent video, well worth the purchase price!
Dr. Bomb Bay
Canadian aviation history site. Many articles about the recovery of WWII aircraft in Canada.
Air & Space Magazine
Profiles wreckchaser Gary Larkins and the recovery of a B-17 in Alaska.
Aviation Archaeology in England.
Learn about the history of aviation archeology and read about recent excavations in Europe.
1942 "Boston" bomber crash
(Douglas DB-7) near Conche, Newfoundland, with photos
Belgian Aviation History Association
Interesting aviation archaeological site well worth a visit!