On September 14, 1910, Modesto made headlines in the national news for its enterprise and
foresight in establishing one of the first (if not the very first) municipally owned airports. Since then,
Modesto's only airport progressed into an auxiliary airport turned over to the military in conjunction
with the base at Stockton. After World War II, Modesto's airport history moved from preparatory work
to 25 future years of development. Originally, the airport occupied land which constitutes one
of the three present golf courses, Modesto Municipal.

It was not until 1946 that United Air Lines opened a terminal in Modesto and then, in 1953, advised
the City that better constructed Convairs were planned for the future which required a 5,000 foot
runway. A new airport location was in demand; thus, Modesto Municipal Airport moved and changed
its name to Modesto City-County Airport. Of course, an additional 1,000 foot runway extension would
be enforced to accommodate Boeing 737's, the jet aircraft we know today.