Listed below are several new crash sites and old or forgotten airports that I have found. As time permits, I will be adding a brief story and link to each site. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about any of these new discoveries, please send me an E-mail and I will attempt to answer your questions.

As of April 1999

04/12/99 The "Diamond" DC-3 Mystery - Lost Diamonds and Intrigue - Look for Future Story

As of March 1999

03/24/99 Polaris Flight Academy - Update - Pilot's Training Certificate Found in England!

As of January 1999

09/23/45 North American AT6 found on Mt McDill near Palmdale
08/23/84 Drug Smuggler's Aerocommander debris located near Cadiz Sand Dunes, north of 29 Palms

As of November 1998

05/19/38 1938 Lockheed Electra Crash in Mint Canyon - Airplane Found! - Updated Story

As of October 1998

10/29/45 TBM "Avenger" Located near Acton
07/31/65 T34 "Mentor" Reappears Near Wrightwood
10/20/44 B24 "Liberator" Lost in Saline Valley
01/04/44 B17 "Flying Fortress" Located in Nevada
The "White Knight" Tragedy - Dick Shane from TV's Ajax Commercials crashes his Piper in the High Sierra's
A7 "Corsair" hits the "Haystack" and Crashes in Owens Valley
Multiple F4's "Phantoms" Located Near Darwin

As of September 1999

BT13 & Twin Beech found at Monache Meadows in the Sierra Nevada
X15 located near Johanesburg north of Edwards AFB
AT11 crashes near Hinkley on Practice Bombing Run
F105 "Thud" Missing since 1960's is Located
F100 from George AFB is Discovered near Mojave
USMC "Panther" Jet found east of Mojave Airport
Rockwell B1A "Lancer" Crash Site Visited
Northrup YB-49 "Flying Wing" Located - Capt.Glenn Edwards, Namesake of Edwards AFB, Remembered
"Tucker Canyon" Dedication at Pitchess Honor Rancho - Memorial to a fallen P38 Pilot
Help solve the mystery of "Mystery Mesa Airport" - Do you know why they called it Mystery Mesa?
Old Airports Visited - Monache, Gill's Coso Junction, Davis Airport, Manzanar, Lone Pine and Independence - Re-live the Golden Age of Aviation