B24 Crashes In Alfalfa Field


Date: August 24, 1944

Informant: SHAEFFER, J.E.


Location: Ave. G-8 and 75th St. East, Rosevelt District (east of Lancaster)

At 10:33 PM on August 24, 1944 undersigned were detailed to investigate a plane crash at the above location. Upon arrival found that a US Army plane, B24 type had crashed into an alfalfa field. The plane was completely destroyed, parts being distributed over a 3/4 mile area.

Army authorities from Muroc Army Air Base were in charge at the scene, and Army fire fighting equipment also from Muroc Air Base, extinguished the fire.

Eight members of the crew of eleven landed by parachute, and were picked up by Army search parties and by passing motorists, and were returned to Muroc Air Base (now called Edwards AFB). One crew member is still missing and deputies from this station will assist Army authorities in continuing the search.


I attempted to locate the remnants of the B24 without success. An extensive search was conducted on two occasions and nothing resembling aircraft parts was located. The crash site is near a present day alfalfa field and it is possible that over the years whatever remnants that were left behind either were picked up or plowed under by the property owner.

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