P38 Crashes Into Mountainside Above Acton


Date:April 19, 1945

Informant: War Operation center, Hall of Justice, Los Angeles

Victim: UNKNOWN, US Army Air Corps

Location:Mt. Mc Dill, 9 miles west of Palmdale, CA

At 6:35 PM detailed to investigate a plane crash at above location. Upon arrival at 8:10 PM found an Army P38 had crashed and burned on south side of mountain approximately 1 mile from peak, and pilot had been killed.

Army authorities, Tech. Sgt. Joe Webster, Palmdale Airport in charge, were at scene upon our arrival and took care of investigation, burned plane and body of the victim. The latter had parachuted from plane and his left leg was found at a point 500ft. NE of plane and remainder of the body and parachute were 400 ft. NE of that place.


After several fruitless attempts to locate this plane we finally did in June of 1996. When the plane crashed it was scattered over a wide area. After the crash Army personnel buried the larger pieces. All that remains today are a few remnants of the cockpit, engine and numerous pieces of burnt aluminum scattered about the mountainside.

We found several exploded 50 cal. rounds and a few larger 20mm cannon shells, along with pieces of charred aluminum on the ground..

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