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NOVEMBER 5, 2003
Save our Children from AIDS and the ACLU. Donate to the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.
And support the moral standards to which they adhere.


AUGUST 5, 2003
Add the New York Times as another tool of the opposition. Plainly, they are not supportive of marriage and morality.

Letters to the editor may help, if published. But don't bet on it.

The best attack is to either not subscribe, or to cancel subscription.

Your call.


AUGUST 3, 2003
What are the organization that are leading the fight for immorality.

The ACLU immediately comes to mind. Once a worthwhile organization, its leadership has, in my opinion, twisted it into a tool of evil. .

The United Way, once a great organization, in my opinion has sold out to the forces of evil, exemplified by their attack on the Boy Scouts of America. .

Various religious leaders have capitulated to the forces of evil, and support, not the Bible, but those who would ignore the Bible or rewrite it to their satisfaction. They have successfully conquered much of the Catholic religion's leadership, and are working to conquer the leadership of the other denominations. I know of no followers that support the practice of homosexuality, only the leaders. Yet so-called religious leaders are attempting to twist the faith of their church members such that these practices are considered acceptable.

The judicial is being converted to the side of evil. Here, as touched on earlier, the Constitution states that they hold office only "during good behavior." Their actions plainly do not constitute good behavior, and should prove a basis for removal. .

There are certainly other groups that have been drafted into the devil's brigades, and we'll touch on them later. For now, we need to concentrate on dismemberment of the ACLU; on replacing the United Way with a moral organization to take over its operations; on removing so-called religious leaders who are in league with the devil; with removal from office of judicial who are not practicing good behavior. .

That is a substantial body of devil's disciples, and a powerful body. How we can overcome them is discussed in future entries. .

Step one, however, is to encourage your congregations to refuse to in any way support them. Step two is to encourage the members of your congregation to encourage others to refuse to support them. Step three is to use letters to editors of newspapers, magazines, Internet media to encourage readers to also refuse to support the devil's henchmen. . Step four is to let your religious, political, and other leaders know that you do not support the attack on morality. Step five, if they do not listen to you, is to vote them out of their offices.

Now is the time to act. .


JULY 30, 2003
Under the Constitution of the United States, ARTICLE III, Section 1, ... "The judges, both of the Supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices DURING GOOD BEHAVIOR, "
The people, in my opinion may and should bring to the attention of the President of the United States that any particular judge is failing to adhere to good behavior, and the President, upon confirming that this is true, should remove such a judge.

In what manner may a judge lack good behavior.
Certainly, when he (or she) acts such that he is failing to adhere to his oath of office. Certainly, when he attempts to assume the authority invested in Congress, by issuing decisions that are, prima facie, legislative in nature. And judge after judge, in recent years, have acted in a manner that does not contitute good behavior. It is now the time for the people to speak, and for the President to take action. The Judges of our Supreme Court of the United States, by their decisions, have time after time failed to exercise good behavior, and the President should replace them.

However, in the interim, the President should issue an Executive Order declaring all decisions of Judges (that are legislative in nature) to be null and void, as only the Congress has Constitutional authority to issue legislation.

I highly recommend you contact the President and your Representatives, directing them to act accordingly.

The attack on civilization as we know it.
The leftists, the courts, have that goal in mind.
And they are being successful.
How to stop them.
Impeachment is the tool.
It is time to implement that tool to remove the Devil's protégés from positions of power. At every level.
The Church must mobilize to bring common sense back to the courts.
The second tool is prevention.
The Devil's advocates should never receive appointment to positions of power. And we can prevent such appointments. The Church must mobilize against those who would appoint such despots to these important positions.
Separation of Church and state? Yes.
But when state meddles in the area of Marriage and Morality, state has crossed the line.
The Church must fight back.
The third tool is the vote.
The Church must support honest, moral politicians. And it must do so in an effective way. Let the voice of the Church and its members be heard, loud and clear, in such support. But be extremely careful. The Devil is deceptive. Examine carefully any candidate you would support, for past history, honesty, integrity.
The fourth tool is unity. Regardless of denomination, this is a fight for the survival of the Church, of civilization as we know it.
Don't let our enemies use differences between denominations to divide us.
In commitment to Marriage and Morality, we are one. That unity gives us the power to win over the Devil's advocates.
Contact me with your successes and failures in applying these tools. We all need to know what works, what doesn't, and how best to proceed. I will act as a clearing house for ideas, activities, techniques, etc.
Contact me at frank@qnet.com, with the subject, "FIGHT BACK."
Visit my home page, URL http://www.av.qnet.com/~frank/, and click on the entry, "FIGHT BACK" to reach the page where I will post ideas that will help in this crusade.
And it is indeed the most important Crusade the you have ever participated in.
Pray for us, and support us.


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