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Adversity breeds heroes!

From the far reaches of our nation 9/11 called them to duty, and without hesitation they answered that call. Firemen, Policemen, Doctors, Nurses, and so many more. Not color, nor religious faith, nor national background -- none of the divisive measures stood in the way. For our nation called and they answered.

The war on terror, triggered by the cowardly attack on the innocent, resulted, and the battle is met. Brave men and women of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and every other organization dedicated to the protection of our nation responded quickly.

A long war, and hard sacrifice, lie ahead.

Hiding behind the screen of religion evil lslamic leaders have brainwashed children into acts of mindless violence, and frightened their parents into silent submission and even token approval. And these leaders exist and prey on the helpless and ignorant worldwide.

In this ebook I have gathered together such writings as "A Prayer for Our Veterans," "Heroes for Our Children," "The Tattered Flag," "A Broken Dream in New York Town," and other poems and writings about our great nation.

With God's help America will triumph, and a just peace shall be attained.


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