Join me in my cage.

And the war by terrorists, the war on terrorism, continue.

It is time the President invokes a meeting of the legitimate Islamic leaders, worldwide. And that he present to them the consequences of bowing to the extremists who have so diligently invaded the structure of their religion. For if the continued indoctrination, from child to adult, by madmen and extremists, is not halted then the world has no choice but to fight back.

The result is not pleasant to contemplate.

Let us pray reason shall prevail.

THE NEW MOHAMMED, shaken by the unexpected response by President Bush, has decided to move rapidly into the second phase of world domination. He does so unwillingly, for preparations, long in progress, have not yet culminated in the trained force he would like to unleash. But he has convinced himself that, if not unleashed now, he will not be here to enjoy its success.

His plan, never really concealed, is to destroy America (the world's most powerful nation) and subsequently dominate the rest of the world using the same fundamental approach.

He has, over the years, placed his followers in positions of authority in numerous Moslem Mosques. The teachings have continuously been slanted to support his objectives. He has been extremely diligent in courting minorities, dispossessed, angry, and anti-whatevers into his folds. For he sees these as being the mules, the cannon fodder, of his attacking army. He has developed his tactics, over the years, by localized attacks against Christians around the world. Each attack is analyzed, its success or failure evaluated, and the next implementation adjusted, based on such analysis.

Though not perfected, the tactics must now be exercised on a grand scale. For he sees himself at this point losing communication, and losing even his life before he can accomplish his goal. Thus, PHASE TWO! There are three elements to PHASE TWO. World wide uprisings is a key one. This will require nations to concentrate on their own internal problems, drive some to surrender, prevent others from supporting the United States, the prime target, for fear of such retaliation. The second element is the use of numerous weapons of attack to induce, at the start, terror among the populace. The key weapons, developed after careful analysis of possibilities and capabilities, are radiation spreading bombs and biochemical weapons. Though not as instantaneously deadly as a true atomic bomb, exploded in numerous key cities the bombs will destroy many, and will make these major cities and areas downwind from them, uninhabitable for untold years, due to high radiation levels This is the real destruction desired, and one that will further destabilize the economy of the prime target, America.

The biochemical weapons, though methods of distribution have not been completely perfected, will be released subsequent to the bombs, since security and health measures will be in shambles. There will be combinations of vectors such that both immediate and delayed responses can be expected. The third element in PHASE TWO will be the unleashing of the mules and cannon fodder. These will act as the SS Troops of the attack, spearheading what is hoped to be revolution against the existing government. Over the years a major effort has been supported to disarm the citizens, for he recognizes that it is their resistance that could thwart his plans. Historically, American citizens have fallen back on their own devices, defended themselves when government could not, and are seen as the most important target. By inducting dissatisfied elements from the nation's population he has established a potential army. By both Islamic religious teachings, twisted to his advantage, and by continuous propaganda, he has attempted to weld this disparate group into a unified mass to carry out his purposes. Planned counter government demonstrations have not been implemented, so tactics are not well though out. But he feels he can delay no longer. Communities where he has large followings will be immediate targets, with death and destruction for those who are not his followers. This will be followed with attacks on targets of opportunity, with a view to inducing terror among all the people of the nation

It is coming. If you have weapons and ammunition, know how to use them. If you lack them, get them now. He cannot wait much longer. This month, December, he will trigger:


He rides the crest of a gigantic wave. And though he does not control it, he knows well its ultimate destination. Where others look, and see, he looks deeper and sees more.
And what he sees pleases him. And he stands ready to profit from his vision.
And that vision ?
The coming, world-encompassing, religious wars.
Destruction of the World Trade Center?
Merely an incident in the overall scheme of things.
America's response?
But froth on that mighty wave.
Though America is an impediment, that impediment can be dealt with. So they have weapons! Ah, but bin Laden has but one weapon. A weapon so terrible that none can prevail against it. And he has proven himself an able practitioner in controlling, directing, that weapon.
Usama bin Laden's weapon?
The minds of men.
The deep, underlying religions beliefs of a gigantic cult.
Directed, not toward the well-being of mankind, but toward destruction of all who do not bow down, adopt, and practice the edicts of that mighty cult. A cult that is a monstrous cancer on the soul of the Moslem religion. A cancer that is gradually destroying its host. A cancer that grows ever larger, spreads its tentacles to encompass, not just the existing religious followers, but newcomers continuously courted and drafted into the cult.
A cult that divides mankind into two groups. Supporters, or infidels. The Islamic extremists, the cult's supporters; all others, the cult's enemies, infidels. A cult that allows, encourages, requires the destruction of those infidels! Torture, inhuman and dastardly, is permissible against the infidel. No, not permissible, but eagerly encouraged. Ruthless murder of the weak, helpless; not just permissible, but encouraged as the act leading to entry into heaven, where the perpetrators receive the blessings of unbridled sex with the virgins of that domain.
And who will dominate that cult, rule it, direct its attack against enemies, control its every mood?

America's attack on the Taliban, bombing of Afghanistan, declaration of war on terrorists?
Minor events, having little affect on that tremendous wave that will soon engulf the world. True believers need not fear the Great Satan. He will prove weak and helpless in his attacks on followers of the New Mohammed. And should a true believer die, he shall receive that reward promised in the Koran.
How much of this does Usama bin Laden believe?
It matters not!
What matters is how well he can indoctrinate, mislead, and take advantage of the followers of the Islamic faith. And events prove that he is a master of propaganda, a master of terrorism, truly a master of the many skills that have led other ruthless dictators to power.
Nor does he use such mastery in an insincere manner. For he believes, even more so than his followers, that he is truly the NEW MOHAMMED. He makes no claim to talk with angels, but leaves it to others to recognize that it is true. Though he dare not use the title, New Mohammed, publicly, his every speech, his every action, his public persona all work together to lead his followers to have faith that he is, indeed, the NEW MOHAMMED.
In his eyes, as he speaks, one recognizes the self image that he has of himself. I am the knowledgeable one, I am the master, I am the leader, I am --THE NEW MOHAMMED!
And that image so impresses his followers that they accept it without question. This is no ordinary human. This wonderful person that we follow, even to the death, is THE NEW MOHAMMED.
How wonderful, indeed, if bin Laden dedicated his talents for the betterment of mankind.
How sad, indeed, that he has dedicated them to the detriment of mankind.
For to the rest of the world a different image is projected. An image of an evil ogre, blood of the innocent dripping from his fingertips.
And so it follows that:

Mohammed weeps.
For an evil cult has twisted the words of the Holy Koran.
Mohammed was a warrior. To fight bravely against warriors was a virtue.
Today an evil cult insults the memory of Mohammed.
Today an evil cult twists the teachings of the Holy Koran.
An evil cult, enticing young men through their lust, promising them the services of celestial virgins, if they but torture, mutilate, kill the weak, the helpless, the innocent.
But the day of judgment will come. And on that day they shall hold out their right hand.
Hold it out, and withdraw it in terror.
For their life's record shall be placed, not in their right hand, but in their left.
And though they scream in agony, and curse their sexual lust, and the evil teachings of the evil cult, they shall descend into the depths of hell and receive just punishment for the evil they have done.
Mohammed weeps.
So hath Allah decreed.

True believers of the words of the Koran, true followers of Mohammed, have it in their power to prevent the religious wars sought by Usama bin Laden. The religious wars that bring the world to a misery never yet known, to a level of depravity never dreamed of in the most terrible of nightmares.
Let us pray to the one true God, whatever be your religion, that the true believers in the words of Mohammed stand firm against the delusions of this lost soul, who deems himself THE NEW MOHAMMED, lest they each, too, find their life's record. Find their life's record, not in their right hand.
Find their life's record, in their left hand.
As it shall be with Usama bin Laden.

Bear with me for a short poem from my book, "God Damn Bikeriders and Other Outcasts."
"Momma, when is Daddy coming home?
"He promised we'd see the park today,
"Why did Daddy go away?
"Momma, when is Daddy coming home?"
A broken dream in New York Town,
A child's world came tumbling down,
As buildings tumbled to the ground.
"Momma, when is Daddy coming home?"
She held her daughter tenderly,
To protect her from the misery,
And horror that she should not see.
A broken dream in New York Town.
"Your Daddy's gone far away,
"But you and I have to stay,
"We'll go to the park another day."
A broken dream in New York Town.
How many dreams were broken there?
How many offered up a prayer?
"God keep the children everywhere.
"From a broken dream in New York Town."

Brainless pigs spreading death in pursuit of their celestial cathouse!
Braindead, programmed robots of an Islamic cult repeatedly displaying their inhumanity. Except, of course, to the braindead of Berkley. Led by an inhuman entity, bin Laden, the closest we come to an alien lifeform exiled to earth.
Sadly, anthrax is but an example of what Berkley's buddies really have in store for us. Undoubtedly in the world of insanity, such as the labs of Saddam, newer and more fiendish products are under development. And yet, we wait.
The filth of the world are uniting to bring us to our knees. And they have.
But not as they planned.
For on our knees we pray for the maddogs who must be destroyed.
Yes, though inhuman in act, remorseless in hate, they need God's help.
And though we pity them, yet maddogs must be destroyed.
Quickly, before they attack more innocents, infect more babies.
It is not America lone that is threatened. It is humanity itself.
If the insane are allowed to win, humanity is doomed.


Government cannot do it alone!
Every industry, every commercial venture, every school, and every home must prepare to prevent acts of terrorism. There are in number but limited lawmen, limited firefighters, limited medical personnel. Each facility that is potentially subject to attack must be alert. Government can provide guidance, but it cannot be everywhere all the time. Why is not planning bringing big business, big industry, big commerce into the act. Self Defense is the first line of defense.
Every home should be required to own a revolver or the equivalent, and every adult family member should be trained to use it in defense of the home. Every family member should be learned in the fundamentals of first aid. In a highly mobile society roving bands of terrorists could decimate helpless households and be gone before any law enforcement could arrive.
Government cannot, will not, be there to protect you, protect your school, protect your place of business, You (the individual, the business, the commerce, the industry, the school) must be prepared, must be the front line of defense against terrorist attack within the nation.
Oh, that kind of attack will never happen. No? There are, in New York, 5000 innocent victims of terrorists who thought the same thing. And don't wait for government to tell you to prepare yourself. They probably won't, and even if they do it may well be far to late.
The first line of defense is YOU!
I have my own opinion of this lady. The following poem, from my book, "God Dam BikeRider and other Outcasts," reflects some of my thoughts.
The screams reached to the Heavens,
The smoke reached to the skies
The fires of Hell were burning bright
When the children of Waco died.

The imps of hell laughed loud with glee,
While some just chortled inside,
And the devil smiled his happy smile
When the Children of Waco died.

If ever you visit Waco
Place flowers, where desolation lies,
And curses for those who lit Hell's flames
When the Children of Waco died.

Two names now grace the Halls of Hell,
The Devil looks on with pride,
Bill and Janet made his list,
When the children of Waco died.

And in your prayers, Good People,
Remember those who tried
To quench the hell of man made flames
When the Children of Waco died

And pray that there's a Heaven,
And a God they play beside,
And his angels were quickly with them,
When the Children of Waco died.

You are now free to leave.

Hey, Be careful. That first step is a bastard!