SYNOPSIS - NAME YOUR CHILD FOR SUCCESS SUCCESS - We dream of it for ourselves, our children!

And yet, even before the child is born, we destroy the chances for success.

"Name Your Child for Success" guides the expectant parents, insures against the many pitfalls involved in naming a child, and identifies candidate names from a variety of successful Americans.

The reader is involved immediately in practical analysis of possible names, and reader involvement is retained throughout the book.

The important concept of parents' intent for the child is quickly introduced. The parents either allow chance to shape the destiny of the child, or attempt to shape that destiny themselves. This author favors the latter, with the choice of a suitable name being the critical initial step.

The need to then examine career paths and factors influencing them is surfaced. Also, the impact of environment, family, friends, and other influences are all examined.

I discuss the importance of the sound value of letters as used in names, of the initials which the letters of the names form, the length of names, the appendages (i.e., Jr.), and various other often overlooked, but important, considerations.

I consider the approach taken by fiction authors, by advertisers, by movie moguls in selecting names. These people know the importance a name has in attaining success.

I then treat the psychological impact of names. Not only the impact on the child, but the impact on those to whom the child is introduced. The impact on peers, on employers. After all, your appearance and your name are the two things used by most people to form their first impression.

Names to avoid is considered. These include criminal names, stereotypes, as well as names held in disrepute by society. What to do if you have the wrong name is one chapter. And thoughts on "The name I might have been" are included.

Names associated with various fields of endeavor are provided, as well as some analysis of their uniqueness, or lack thereof.

The Name is Not Enough chapter concentrates of the fact that the name is a starter, but guidance in the development of the child is essential. The emphasis is on guidance in a broad career path which allows the child to make career path decisions as they mature, based on interests, ability, and opportunity.

The text concludes with consideration of the importance of family rituals, of having heroes worth emulating, and of considering the uniqueness of each child in selecting the name.