LAHBC Bottle Show and Sale 1999 Report

Lights, Camera, Showtime!

A report on the 1999 Bottle Show and Sale Saturday, September 18th, 1999 sponsored by the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club. This report is based on a report from club president Ken Loakes with a little help from the newsletter editor.

The Los Angeles Historical Bottle club had another successful show in September at Arcadia, California. Arcadia is a beautiful, clean city in the foothills of the southern California mountains. Everyone present at the show said they had a good time, made a little money or found a few things to take home. We all had a blast basking in the spacious, well lit Masonic hall just off the freeway in beautiful sunny California.

President Ken had fun hanging out (not literally) and helping Tony by the west wall with T.G. and Gary Frederickís daughter Karen. He met many great people at the show and got to see many great collectibles as well. Ken comments that he did notice a few dealers that enjoyed a smile and good cheer more than the green back. Not everyone is driven by greed, Ken comments. Overall everything seemed to go well, all tables sold (54) and there were no major mishaps. One really canít ask for more.

With our great security this year nobody would have dared to pull any dirty tricks. Club member Diane Kuskie personally proved her worth to President Ken. While joking around Ken reported a problem calling for Diane and Val (both dawning orange vests) to come quick. Well, luckily Ken has no scars (thank goodness) but his pride may have been a bit bruised.

Now to personally thank the many people who made the show worthwhile. First the set-up crew Friday night: John, Dick, Bob, Don, Val, Tom and Paul. Pat Blauvelt as always the trooper at the entry table with Maxine and Val to help. Thanks to those bold and courageous people who dawned the orange vests and stood the test including John, Don, Val, Diane and yours truly. Thanks to all those who stayed to the end and helped with breakdown and clean-up. The club is looking forward to an even better show next year!

Here are some photos of the displays and people that made this year's show special.

 Don's Los Angeles Wines.

 Bob's dog tags.

 Maxine's irons.

 Tom's colorful Atlas jars.

 Val's German Blue Onion china.

 Look how she's grown! (See 1998 show photo.)

 Congratulations to newlyweds Tim and Ria Blair.

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