The following is the Western Region Report from Western Region Editor Mike Polak who is also a member of the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club.

Before I get into the news, we need to say Thank You, and sadly, Goodbye (for now) to a very special person and a great guy, Dave Hinson. For those of you who donít know, Dave has been the Man behind Bottles & Extras for the past 5 years, the Editor, making sure that a great quality magazine for all of the collectors was always out on time for everyone to learn from and enjoy. In addition to being the Editor of Bottles & Extras, Dave and his very supportive wife Esther have also (for the last nine years) been the editors for The Whittlemark, the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club newsletter. Well, now itís time for a well-deserved rest for Dave and Esther. Starting with the September issue, Dave is passing the baton off to Dave Cheadle who will become the new Editor. Letís all give Dave Hinson a Big Thank You and to Dave Cheadle, a Big Welcome Aboard. Iím sure that both Daveís will be at EXPO 2000 so if you see them stop and say Thank You and Hello. Speaking of EXPO 2000, ITíS TIME. THE REALLY BIG SHOW IS COMING. While everyone is reading this newsletter, you should also be packing your bags. ITíS HERE, ITíS TIME, SO LETíS GO!!! Thereís not much news with everyone on summer vacation but weíll report what weíve got.

Whatís left to say? The Denver Bottle Club is ready to go with EXPO 2000. By the time everyone is reading this Iím sure that Sheryl Anderson is going through a bottle of Excedrin a day. I understand that 300 plus tables have been sold and all the trimmings have been put on the table for the party. Needless to say Iím excited. Even though the club is on their summer vacation, they did have their annual summer club dig on July 15-16 and Iím sure that weíll hear about the good digs in September. Remember, EXPO 2000 or Bust!!!

The Phoenix Bottle Club June newsletter had a great article featuring member Ray Verr and his mini museum of one-of-a-kind items such as the actual tea pot, cup, and saucer that was used on the Zeppelin Hindenburg. Or, how about an early Santa Fe railroad fruit bowl. Neat stuff. The clubís June meeting was presented by member Karen Hopwood on gray mottled graniteware. Karen has close to 300 pieces in her collection of which many are very rare. And, the club now has itís own web page at http://sites/ Look out world.

The San Diego Bottle Club is on vacation for July and August but had a great June meeting with a special presentation by member Jon Lawson on Bottle Identification and Color. Itís amazing how much you can find out about a bottle without any embossing, labeling, or other forms of identification. How about this story of finding a great bargain at a little price. On a recent trip to the town of Julian, club member Bill Gore and his wife stopped at an antique show to look around. Bill happened upon a pontiled half-pint flask that he thought to be a Repo. Hey, it was only $4.95 so he thought it would be a nice conversation item. After showing it to a couple of other members, they thought it might be the real thing. At the San Diego Bottle Show in April a flask collector from out of town came by, examined the bottle, asked about the price, did a little negotiation, and on Monday Bill deposited a check for $1000.00 in the bank. You just never know. Great going Bill.

The Las Vegas Bottle Club has some new and different things going on with the club. Peter Sidlow has suggested a diggerís budget for diggers to be reimbursed up to $50 for room or gas. Hey, what an idea. Letís go digging. And, Jim Sharaugh suggested that the Bill Wright award go to the club member who has contributed the most to the benefit of the club which will be a revolving trophy or plaque. Also, a suggestion was made by club member Mike Simon to have club shirts made. Last but not least, applications for the 2001 show have gone out since the club has decided to increase the number of tables to 450 based on input from the dealers. Good ideas for everyone.

The Los Angeles Bottle Clubís theme for its June meeting was military or war related items including a members best military or ware related bottle or fruit jar. The program for the June meeting was Los Angeles bottles and fruit jars to be photographed for the clubís website. So, do you wonder if a web site for a club is important? Well, at the clubís May meeting there were visitors who found the club on the internet and decided to check it out. Iíve never heard of this before but Iím sure itís going to happen again with other clubís. Just to show you how many visitors came to the web site, the average number of hits for the months of April and May were 53. The members only bottle for May was a Celery Compound, Amber, Applied Top, cabin shaped with embossed Celery. L.A. you always have great stuff.

The Reno Bottle Club has offered to supply five drug bottles that are representative of the Reno area for the EXPO 2000 display. There will also be a Reno Beer as part of the display. The clubís April meeting, Passion Night, was a great success that brought out some great items such as an original pay check issued to Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, that was payment for a brief job that Clemens held at the Nevada State Capitol and is worth about $11,000.00. The club held their annual picnic on July 8th and the Verdi Power Plant and Iím sure there was a good time had by all. The club also held their annual bottle show and sale on July 22nd and I ended up having to cancel at the last minute for work related reasons (I hate it when that happens) but from what Iíve heard it was another great success. I will return next year. Count on it!!!

Well, thatís the news for now. Dave Hinson, once again, Thank You for everything. And Dave Cheadle, Welcome Aboard. Iíll be looking to say Hi to everyone at Denver EXPO 2000.

Good Bottle Hunting.


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