1997 Newport to Ensenada Race

The 1997 50th Annual NOSA Newport-to-Ensenada International Yacht Race was a good race with moderate winds (much better than the year before when we DNFed due to lack of wind). Valerie's crew for the race was Fred Pawell, Larry Pawell, Don Dogan, Bob Hubbard, Craig Woolston, and Keith Pedersen. Valerie raced in class PHRF-G taking 8th place in a class of 38 with a time of 28.9494. In Ensenada, there were lots of parties and celebrations as this race marked the 50th Anniversary.

Just a few of the boats at the start, no barging going on here!

Above, Keith is up the mast making sure all the sheets and halyards are ready to go (and taking a couple of pictures too).

Valerie's Race Crew, from left to right from the bottom of the picture, Craig, Don, Fred, Keith, Bob, and Larry.

Bob is at the helm with Fred and Don (right hand side grinding the spinnaker sheet) in the cockpit.
Bob is checking the chart to make sure that we are on the rum line for a fast race.
Craig is at the helm with Don (left side) and Fred (right side) in the cockpit.

Above left: Craig is on the spinnaker sheet.

Above right: Keith is on the spinnaker sheet.

The big 50th Anniversary awards party in Ensenada. Notice all of the trophies on the table!

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Last Updated: June 25, 1998