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A Lesson In Trust ©6W Ranch

The choice is yours.

A Lesson In Trust ©6W Ranch

Your horse doesn't have a choice.

Don’t terrorize your horse with FLAGS and OTHER DEVISES.

Just use your and the horse’s natural body language, the lead rope, along with the

horse’s natural intuitive response to simple gives to the impulsion of your presentation.

All four feet off of the ground at the same time is not a good thing during the “gentling” process.

We would like to present a method to you that involves no pain compliance with a rope halter to crush the horse's head and muzzle, no flagging to terrorize your wild animal, and more importantly.... a method which combines trust, give, reward, and with only a standard halter, 15-20 foot lead rope, the horse, your body language, and you.

By establishing and forming the relationship with your mustang or domestic horse, we begin teaching the horse the concept of give to pressure and reward from the moment we begin to interact with it. By utilizing natural "language" that the horse can accept and understand, the foundation forms and builds as we work with the horse instead of sacking it out to death or trying to over-dominate it.

Below is an excerpt from our CD. In the end, our hope is that you decide upon a method that is best for both you and your horse....

"Preparing what we will refer to as, "The Mustang Foundation," is probably one of the most frequently misunderstood processes that many folks miss when viewing training guides that aren't designed for the wild horse. Many of those round pen techniques are done with domesticated horses. Ultimately the new mustang owners reap the frustration from the steps that are often times not addressed due to the lack of need with a domesticated horse. The steps that we will take you through are, in our opinion, crucial in the foundation of your new partner. Too often, these steps are either not thought about or are completely bypassed with this newly captured animal. We must make sure that we are working with the whole animal's physiology and not just the mechanical movements which we will ultimately require of this animal at some point in time...

...1.) Set-up: There are a lot of stigmas out within the horse world about not letting the horse touch you at all. When I go into the corral with a horse that hasn't been handled or "gentled," my goal is to encourage this new animal to touch me. It will probably first touch me with the end of his nose after smelling me first. Depending on the individual animal, this will either be my hand or shoulder. Which is positioned for contact first, depends completely on the horse and what each individual animal is comfortable with. I have to be smart enough to understand this animal's body language. We are very ingrained from the time we are youngsters, that we "see" with our hands. We forget, until we have kids or grandkids of our own, that when a young child asks to "see" something, they reach out with their hands. This poses two interesting thoughts; we see with our hands, feel, texture etc… and; our desire to touch. Yet when we work or observe many who work with horses, we feel that this animal is to maintain a perfect 18 to 24 inches of respectful space. There is a time for each, touch and respect. Right now we are concerned with making this animal comfortable with us. If I am to demand a particular space, I am going to confirm to this new wild animal that I am something to stay away from. I want exactly the opposite..."


Building the Mustang Foundation BookletOur training PowerPoint CD is available to help start you and your wild horse on the right relationship. This is a simple method of working with your horse after you bring it home with only the halter and lead rope on it from the adoption corrals. No scaring the animal with flags, snubbing it up to a snubbing posts, throwing it to the ground, or “tarping it out.” Only the horse, lead rope, and you. This CD will take you step by step in teaching your new horse the rewards in pressure/release, partnership, and trust. It will help you to understand your own body language and help you realize how the horse intently watches everything you do and those things that you don't realize that you are doing.

A note regarding having utilized the Pendulum Method:

"Phil and Karen,... We have established foundations on three mustangs adopted from the BLM. The first is a red roan adopted when he was ten months old. The second is a brown adopted when she was nineteen months old. The third is a bay adopted when she was six months old. The methods described in your booklet worked very well on all three of these mustangs. The nineteen month old proved to be a little more challenging than the others but just as effective. We just wanted to THANK YOU for bridging the training gap between wild horse and more traditional domestic horse training. Once again Thanks, Cecil and Laura"

Doran Sanchez (of the BLM) said West's technique was the only way to "reach" a wild horse without breaking its spirit. "Gone are the days when cowboys threw a saddle on a horse and bucked it till it broke," he said. "West is a phenomenon…" North County Times - Californian, Serving North San Diego and Southwest Riverside counties


(The videos in the PowerPoint CD are a higher resolution than displayed above.)


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Thank you on behalf of your soon to be, former wild horse!

The 6W Ranch

"A horse has no future. It cannot greet the sun and say today will be better.

It can only reflect upon days of past experiences. It is our job to create a positive past."

~Karen West


A Lesson In Trust ©6W Ranch

A Lesson In Trust ©6W Ranch

Justice's decision to come near.                First Lesson in Trust.


 Phil also works with the wild and domestic horses, working hand in hand with wife, Karen, on the advanced movements of the horse. Phil has developed the "Pendulum Method" for the gentling of the wild horses and advances the horse's training under saddle. Phil is also a CA P.O.S.T. (California Peace Officer's Standards and Training) certified instructor for Mounted Police Horse Training. He has also served on the state's Governor’s Committee which developed standards/guidelines for California Mounted Search and Rescue units through the State "Office of Emergency Services," now CalEma.

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